Waving pattern white stone bath tub

Rolled rim white marble tub carved with water waving

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White marble tub with water wave surface

This superb white marble tub boasts a unique waving pattern on its exterior hull, making it instantly recognizable among all other varieties. As its primary feature, the elegant motif is etched into the tub’s natural Beijing white marble, which has been expertly carved for both the water wave relief and a rolled rim design up above on its edge.

White Marble bathtub

The rolled rim, with its soft curves for practical support and mobility in addition to its attractive quality, also features a scale pattern reminiscent of sea life, adding a complete aquatic theme to the white marble tub. And finally, the marble tub has a subtle inward shape, giving the snug effect of a bowl tub while still retaining straight edges and strong geometry. For more Customized Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.