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Traditional stone bathtub with floral carving elements

Freestanding natural stone bathtub hand-carved with floral elements or lion face element

Floral carving stone bathtub
Floral carving stone bathtub
Floral carving stone bathtub
Floral carving stone bathtub
Floral carving stone bathtub
Floral carving stone bathtub
Floral carving stone bathtub

Marble tub with carving elements

Top-notch stone bathtub factory

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Best Marble Bathtubs With Gorgeous Carvings to Class up Your Bath Space

Have you ever come home after a long day at work and just wanted a spa-like treatment at home to relax your body and mind? Well, that shouldn’t be too difficult if you have a stunning marble bathtub waiting for you. Trust us, the feeling of soaking and relaxing in a nice bathtub is absolutely unparalleled.

There are so many great options out there for you to invest in but given the beauty and durability of natural stone, marble bathtubs have long been a favorite among the masses. Look at the ancient civilizations, even they were overly fond of marble and stone tubs and you can still find proof of that fact in the ruins and history books.

But before you go shopping for a bathtub, you must consider what your requirements are. For instance, what kind of marble you want, what shape and size would fit in your available space, and what design would you like or do you want some sort of engravings on it are the questions you should ask yourself before buying a tub. Now with that settled, here are a handful of the best marble bathtubs with gorgeous carvings that will class up your bath space


This hand carved white marble bathtub with beautiful rose carvings is an absolute winner to elevate the style and design quotient of your bathroom. It has been carved out of natural stone blocks and has a certain texture that only stone can provide. The top and bottom of the tub have rolled rims. The side of the tub’s exterior features an engraved bouquet of carefully chiseled roses, stems and leaves. The natural stone has subtle beige patches or patterns on the surface, which add a more earthy feel to it. This freestanding bathtub is perfect to be placed anywhere in the bathroom. It can even be installed in an outdoor area. Given the strength and durability of the marble tub, it will last longer than its counterparts, while increasing the property value. You can have it customized in any shape or size to make it suitable for your bathroom. This moon white bathtub will go seamlessly with a modern, contemporary, farmhouse or rustic interior setup.

Bathtubs are cool, lions are majestic, and they both fascinate us. This is a blend of both – a beautiful white marble tub with lion engravings. First look at this tub and your mind will go to ancient times and the royal tubs of yore. It has a distinct design and shape that might be a reminder of the classical Grecian style. Hand carved by skilled craftsmen, this bathtub has been crafted from natural stone blocks. Designed with your comfort in mind, the tub has a shape mirroring the silhouette of a chaise lounge chair. You can simply sit up with your arms propped up on the sides and soak in the warm water, relaxing your body and mind. It features four Corinthian style pillars carved on the surface, along with wavy relief patterns and lion heads taking the center stage on all sides. It is a customizable design that can adorn any bathroom space in a modern and rustic style. The entire piece has carvings throughout the exterior surface while the interior surface is smoothly polished.

A simple yet gorgeous design, this Beijing white marble tub has an exquisite wavy pattern on the outer surface while the interior is polished smoothly. It features a chiseled and rolled rim with a fish shell-inspired design; the middle portion of the tub has wavy patterns swirling around the length, while the base has simple lines marking the bottom. It has been hand carved from natural stone and has a great texture and visual appeal about it. You can install this white tub in a modern bathroom without worrying about the permanency of the position as it is a freestanding tub so you can move it around as per your space. The soft curves and flow of carvings make it a beautiful selection. It can also be installed in an outdoor bathroom without having to worry about natural wear and tear as marble is a strong material and can last for decades with little care.

One of its kind, this chiseled black marble bathtub has a unique double layer design that marries the smoothness of marble with its rough, half-chiseled beauty. This egg-shaped tub has a shiny, polished surface on the inside to offer maximum comfort as you relax in the warm bath, while the exterior features a roughly carved surface that not only provides an aesthetic aspect but strength and support to the bath fixture as well. The rugged exterior of the black stone tub has a somewhat gray hue about it, which is absolutely alluring. It is a testament to the craftsmanship of the sculptor who so adeptly honed the inside surface, while making the rocky exterior gracefully juxtapose to the smoothness of the tub’s interior. A rustic inn or farmhouse-style bathroom will definitely benefit with such a bathtub design, which can also be customized to your liking.

Chiseled Black Marble Bathtub
Regal White Marble Bathtub with Gorgeous Engravings

There are two important aspects of your bathtub: the bathtub itself and the faucet to fill the tub with water. So you have got a beautiful, carved marble bathtub to adorn your bath space but you still have a simple, ordinary faucet; that is just not good aesthetics. Here is a breathtaking marble bathtub with a matching marble faucet with lots and lots of pretty sculpting. Hand carved from natural Beijing marble blocks, this tub has a number of intricate carvings on the outside. One of the most significant patterns on this tub is the acanthus leaf wreath in a perfect symmetry as it is flanked by border bracket trimming on both sides. There is a stunning swirling floral relief marking the bottom of the fixture. It comes with a small fountain in the shape of a naked lady tilting a pot, perched atop a marble pedestal with the same floral relief at the bottom. The water pours down from the pot the statue is holding, making this tub a piece of art.

What could be more beautiful in a bathing space than a bathtub inspired by a sea shell? That was a rhetorical question. There is nothing more beautiful than that. Just take a gander at this conch shell-inspired bathtub for a minute. It has been painstakingly hand carved by skilled craftsmen who gave shape to intricate conch shell silhouettes with swirling depths and rises. It would be like taking a dip in the sea as you climb into this work of art to soak up in warm waters. The ornate seashell sculpture can be made to order in any size or material to better fit your requirements. Its engraved exterior strongly juxtaposes to its smoothly honed interior. It is the perfect pick for a spa-like experience at home. Even when not in use, it looks majestic and makes for a great sculpture exhibit in the bathroom.

Conch Shell-Inspired Marble Bathtub
Freestanding Marble Tub with Lion Carvings

While people love the sunken bathtubs, the popularity of a freestanding claw-foot design has remained unmatched. Similarly, the appeal of a tested and tried traditional design in its most basic form has only risen in demand. This simple yet elegant traditional freestanding marble tub features lion head carvings on all sides. The lion heads are joined by curtain-like engravings. The tub has a rolled rim with straight lines going down to meet the base. The lions have flowy mane, fierce expressions and mouths opened in a roar as the textured garland pattern goes below the sculpted heads. Hand carved from natural Beijing white marble, the tub has a subtle beige hue about it. The marble bathtub has gentle gray veining to make it more exquisite. It will go beautifully in a modern-rustic or mid-century modern style bathroom. You can also have it customized as per your liking.