Freestanding unique design conch sheel shape stone bathtub

Conch sheel shape stone bathtub with swirling crevasses on the exterior

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Conch sheel shape stone bathtub

This spectacular custom designed bath is absolutely unmistakable, and its singular features clearly require the highest caliber of craftsmanship to produce. Its Masha white marble material has been wrought into a painstakingly intricate conch shell shape in a shining display of how capable our Newhomestone sculptors are, as well as how creatively liberating a custom order can be. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.

Stone tub with swirling crevasses exterior and honed interior

Swirling crevasses on the white marble wrap around the exterior and dip into the tub without interfering with the honed interior, and the side of the bath extends outwards past the bather to complete the ornate seashell sculpture. Even without conventional use, this custom stone bath design is more than appropriate as an art exhibition. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.