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Stone bathtub Material and Color choices

Choose your favourite stone and color, we will hand carve it to a beautiful bathtub!

Azul Bahia Blue marble bathtub
Green onyx bathtub
Rose quartz bathtub
Forest white marble tub
black dragon marble bath
Volakas marble tub
River wave sandstone bathtub
Calacatta white marble bath
Nero Marquina marble bath tub
Light Green Marble bath tub
Dream red marble tubs
Brown tan marble tubs
Ancient wood grain marble tubs
Black limestone tubs
Egyption beige marble tubs
Beijing White marble bathtubs
Silver Travertine stone tubs
Italian carrara white marble tub
Light emperador marble tubs
Bright red marble tubs
Masha White marble tub
Moonlight beige limestone bathtub
Furong red marble baths
Absolute black granite bathtub
Golden spider marble bath
Yellow Granite bath tub
Tiger Brown Onyx bath tub
Honey Onyx bath tub
Beige travertine bath tub
Empress green marble bath tub

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Various natural stone material choose from

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Best Natural Stone Materials to Choose for Your Bathtub to Make Style Statement

It can feel quite overwhelming when shopping for a fixture as important and permanent as a brand-new bathtub for your bathroom. It’s not like you can get another if you get it wrong at first. A bathtub is a semi-permanent bathroom fixture and a big investment, which means you have to get it right at the first pick or else it is money down the drain. One of the best ways to determine if a tub is right for you is to understand the materials that your bathtub is made of. The bathtub material can affect everything from the price of the fixture, the installation cost to heat retention and the overall lifespan of a tub.

But before you pick a material for your tub, you need to decide the overall color scheme of your bathroom. Depending on the existing theme or design of your bathroom, you can choose the right material for your tub. Additionally, you should consider adding the right fixtures to your bathtub to make it as comforting and relaxing as possible.

A natural stone bath is a good option for modern homeowners who want a certain striking and wow factor in their bathroom space. While natural stone seems the most viable option for your tub - thanks to advanced sealers that reduce the natural stone’s vulnerability to staining and water damage - there are still so many stones to think about. Let’s discuss what stone materials are the best for your bathtub construction.

Why is the natural stone material best for a bathtub?

There are many materials for bathtub construction, like wood, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, etc; however, the best material is natural stone for its versatility, strength and durability. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal. The natural stone is available in many varieties that can create so many beautiful types of bathtubs. Hand-made from a block of any naturally occurring stone, a stone bathtub can be made from several different types of natural stones that include marble, granite, sandstone, onyx, and travertine.

You can add subtle effects and organic beauty to your sturdy bathtub through the natural stone of your choice. However, all of these stone tubs are long-lasting and may even need additional supports for installation. Some natural stones, such as marble, granite, and travertine, are easy to carve into an elegant bathtub from stone blocks, which also lends timeless luxury to your bathroom space.

While stone tubs need regular maintenance for keeping them in good condition, they are highly durable. You might want to look for the premium quality material that lasts longer, if you love the organic look of stone.

The natural stone bathtub is most durable compared to fiberglass, wood, acrylic, cast iron, or porcelain. Moreover, natural stones are extremely durable to pressure unlike other artificial stones that are vulnerable to cracking and chipping over time or under harsh temperatures. The natural stone tub can retain heat around ten times than the acrylic and other artificial tubs.

Brown stone

Which natural stone material is the best for a bathtub?

The natural stone bathtubs are made from naturally occurring stones that include marble, onyx, granite, travertine or sandstone. But you must know the qualities of these stone types before you bring a stone tub to your home.


Granite is one of the most common types for stone choices when it comes to making bathtubs. It has been considered one of the hardest stones known on this planet and is extremely favored due to its incredible durability and easy maintenance. Considered a symbol of timeless grace, granite comes in many colors that can range from pink to black to light gray. The natural stone comes in a wide range of colors, each of which has different veining. This means that you can create a bathroom space that you want.

It is the hard, robust rock that is composed of feldspar, mica and quartz. Granite can endure major strains without any signs of wear and tear. It is also easy to carve and shape in whichever design or size you want. There is another reason why granite is the right choice for the bathtub material. The stone is able to trap the moisture in the air that can lead to mold and other issues. It is also waterproof, which means that it will not be affected by excessive moisture in the bathroom that often causes a tub to stain or damage.

There are a few drawbacks of choosing a granite tub as well. Now, as it is a sturdy material, it is also that much heavier. Therefore, you may want to reconsider installing it in an upper-floor bathroom, because once the water is filled in the tub, its weight increases exponentially.

Granite wall
Marble Marble Marble


Even though granite is thought to be more strong and durable than marble, this smooth natural stone material has remained a people's pleasure since it started making appearances in ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and the Romans.

Marble is particularly known for its beauty and elegance and has been a favorite material for bathtubs for decades. Marble tubs can have so many finishes such as grinding, polishing, satin finishing or brushing. The versatile material can be used in so many ways in your bathroom for other things as well.

There are so many marble types that it becomes harder to pick a material for the bathtub. Let’s take a look at the top three, shall we?

  • Carrara Bianco: The classic marble has a radiant white color that never ceases to amaze. The color of the marble mostly depends on the mineralization. However, it is a beautiful stone that can be an impressive addition in the form of a bathtub.
  • Nero Marquina: The elegant, black Nero Marquina marble is probably the best option to pick. It is a beautiful material that is also exciting and has striking white veining. Besides, there are already so many stunning iterations of the bathroom fixture in this marble.
  • Italian Carrara: Carrara marble is an off-white veined marble that is mined from the Apuan Alps in northwest Italy, near Carrara, hence the name. This is a high-quality stone that is dense and nonporous, durable and stain-resistant, making it perfect for a bathtub.


Travertine is another natural stone for you to consider. Geologically formed in water, this hard stone works perfectly well in wet environments such as bathrooms and is also a top choice for a bathtub. Another reason that travertine material is well-suited is the option of a variety of colors and tones that it offers.

The highly absorbent stone is mostly mined in Tivoli in the Italian region of Lazio, which surrounds Rome. It contains large cavities, which can store heat. Though the large pores absorb moisture quickly, it also evaporates just as fast.

This natural stone material has large pores and occurs in so many shades and veins in colors that range from almost white to black, with countless intermediate shades. It mostly comprises warm sand and earth tones that can add a natural and neutral touch to your bathroom. Moreover, the travertine tubs can be finished in a number of manners.



Quartz is one of the most common minerals and is made of the two most abundant chemical elements on earth that are oxygen and silicon. The stone has been gaining in popularity in recent years as a leading choice for bathtub material. It comes in a variety of designs and colors and is non-porous, which means that it is extremely low maintenance.

Quartz is also harder in comparison to granite. The stone is highly durable. Moreover, it is very easy to keep a quartz bathtub bacteria-free and cleaned.


Onyx is a rare and valuable stone material that possesses striking beauty with its layers of bands. Having an onyx bathtub will immediately increase the beauty and value of your bathroom space. The material has been used throughout history by civilizations. It has rich textures and contrasting colors with a glamorous effect. The stone material also comes in a variety of colors from pink to green.

However, it has a few cons as well. The calcium-based stone has a softer surface that needs quite the maintenance. It also absorbs water and often stains, so you need to clean it regularly and check for any visible damages.



Earlier, the sandstone material was considered to be relatively uniform with neutral tones ranging from yellow to brown and light gray shades. However, the colors and mining for this versatile stone have increased in the past few years. So much so, that you can have this durable and strong natural stone for your bathroom in tones of red and green.

There are types of sandstone that have an interesting grain that can mirror wood. It is also popular because its price point is lower than marble and granite.

However, ultimately the choice of natural stone material for your bathtub comes to your opinion. All of these stone types are amazing and are durable and strong, some more than others. There are two important points to keep in mind when you want to make a choice. One, the natural stone tubs are heavy, which will only get heavier once they are filled with water so you may want to reconsider installing it on the upper level floors. Two, they do have a significantly higher price point than their cheaper counterparts like acrylic and fiberglass tubs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stone Bathtub Materials