Freestanding white marble pedestal bath tub

Classic design Italian Cararra white marble bath tub

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Italian Cararra white marble bathtub

Italian Cararra white marble is one of the most popular natural stones in the world. This marble is quarried for centuries because of its sophisticated white-gray backdrop with soft gray veins. Due to its exquisite design, this Italian Carrara white marble bathtub is ideal for contemporary or traditional bathroom design.

Since Italian marble is considered superior due to its durability, purity, and beautiful white hue, it’s a stunning addition to modern homes. If you look at the given image, the traditional double slipper stone tub with a pedestal appears unique due to its boat-like shape. Plus, the high-gloss finish makes it a luxurious bathroom fixture.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

If you are looking for an extravagant bathtub for your modern bathroom, go for this stunning Italian Cararra white marble tub. You can even request it in any custom size of your choice. Our design curators can guide you through the entire selection process and help you make the right choice.