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Contemporary Ocean wave element black marble table top

Marble Table Fish Scale Golden Stainless-Steel Coffee Table with Marble Top
Marble Table Round Black White Patterns Marble Table with Golden Brass Rods Base
Marble Table Elegant Marble Coffee Table Bronze Decoration Furniture
Marble Table Round Marble Coffee Table Sitting on Bronze Legs
Marble Table Jasper Green Marble Coffee Table Swirling Brass Spiral Pedestal
Marble Table Marble Coffee Table with Brass Alloy Golden Circle Base
Marble Table Half Ocean Wave Surface Marble Table
Marble Table Jet Black Stone Table Top with Plinth
Marble Table Top Square black marble table top
Marble Table Top Rectangular black marble table top
Marble Table Top Round black marble table top

Marble table top

Ocean's wave design element marble table top

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Marble table top Kitchen

Top Coffee Table Top Designs That Will be Centerpieces in Your Room in 2023

Coffee tables are one of the most important furnishings in a room and beautifully designed tables have the tendency to become the focal point of a room. If it is a marble table, then you don’t have to put much thought into buying it because they are the most gorgeous things to adorn your living room or bedroom with. As the most used and most visible part, the choice of the table top is of utmost importance.

It can reveal your taste of design, style and personality all at once. It is the surface of any table that is the most eye-catching part; therefore, you must browse a little before you invest in a table. The table top material should be chosen thoroughly and in accordance with the overall design of the room. With plenty of options available, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed in the sea of choices. But we have got you. Here are the best marble coffee table top designs for 2023 that will instantly become the focal point in your living room.

With a beautifully cut fish scale stainless steel base, this black marble coffee table is a wonderful addition to any modern living room. Meant for small, confined spaces to accommodate the modern apartments, this coffee table serves for a small family of one or two people the best. The combination of metal and stone in one flawless design is admirable and oozes a certain natural beauty that only natural materials can provide. Both materials rival each other in durability and strength, this coffee table can be used for several purposes meant for this specific furniture. The fish scale cut out design of the cylindrical base is what makes it more attractive and worth your while. The circular 42-inch marble table top has black and brown shades swirling around. The dark shades of the top juxtaposed against the shimmering gold shade of the base. If you want this coffee table in any other sizes, it can be easily customized as per your modifications.

Fish Scale Base Marble Top Coffee Table
Black Marble Table top With Metal Base

It is hard to decide whether the marble table top is more beautiful or the sparkling metal base. Well, whatever attracts you, this coffee table sure as hell is an eye-catching piece of furniture that you must include in your interior for not only a design improvement but for its aesthetics as well. The table top has been carved from a natural black marble slab that has bold white veining. Polished smooth, the round top sits elegantly on a bronze can with evenly spaced metal rods that bend inward at the bottom to meet the foundational ring in the middle. The smooth lines, creative design and the general beauty of this small, 36 inches table can be captivating for anyone. You can use it in front of the main seating area in the living room, place a lamp on it, a vase or just display some knick-knack. It will look good in a modern setting with white or other neutral color scheme. You can also use it out on the porch or the deck while you enjoy the cool summer breeze while sipping coffee.

Is a coffee table a table when it looks strikingly like a sculpted piece of art? We may never really decide, but this easy on the eyes and functional to a fault coffee table is a blend of both art and design. With a shiny table top carved from natural white marble block, the table features spiraling bronze metal legs that create a whirling effect. The ethereal combination of the both white marble and bronze base can elevate the design quotient of any drab looking space. Looking like a calm ocean before the storm, the white marble disk has soft gray veining across the piece. Its sturdy metal legs are created from strong stripes of bronze metal, arranged in a slanting order joining top to the round ring at the base while holding it in one place. Polished and shiny, this metal and marble table can be made to order in any size as per the customer requirements. It is a wonderful pick for a modern household.

White Marble Table Top With Bronze Base
Jasper Green Marble Table with Metal Base

Crafted from natural jasper green marble blocks, the shiny marble table top is poised atop a beautifully swirling brass spiral of glistening metal alloy that forms the base of the furniture piece. This table top is embellished with a pretty white marble color veining that is innate of this marble, filling it with a distinct aesthetic and also providing a stark color contrast to the metal base. Below is the metal base of the table that features numerous parallel bars of brass spiral dropping down in unison. The base sparkles with light reflections even as the marble up above absorbs light, making it a sight to behold, even though it is just a table. It is perfect to be placed in small and constricted spaces and apartments of the modern cities. You can place it next to the door to hold your keys and other essentials or you keep it as the center table in the middle of your living room seating area. It can also be used as a nightstand in the bedroom, where you keep a lamp, your books, phones, etc

This beautiful piece of furniture will not only be a coveted piece in your living room, but will also become a conversation starter when you have guests and friends over. The simple yet gorgeous coffee table features a milky white marble table top that is poised on top of a wonderful metal base with numerous sculptural cut outs in its cylindrical form that joins the top to the bottom. Both natural materials highlight the distinctions of each other while completing the piece into a flawless furnishing. The bronze cylindrical base has circular cuts running all over it, creating a geometric pattern of sorts. The polished and glazed table top is impressive and has subtle veining. The designer has done an outstanding job in bringing two of these natural materials in harmony to form this unusually aesthetic coffee table. The table is impeccable and would look at home in a modern, contemporary, farmhouse or cottage style interior. It can also be customized in a bigger or smaller size as per the customer needs.

Marble Table Top With Metal Cut Out Base
Ocean’s Wave Marble Table Top

You might have seen tons of uniquely designed tables and table tops, but you may not have yet encountered an ocean wave table top. Before you start guessing its design, this ocean wave table top has been hand carved from natural Nero Marquina marble, only the most exquisite black marble that there is. The striking black marble slab with rippling ocean waves at the top make it truly unique and a feature that must be included in your home if you want to make a style statement. Its peculiar design is what makes it a much sought after piece and a work of art. It is a testament to the skill of the sculptor who carved a marble block to create this furnishing. You can use metal base to hold the marble table top above the ground or have a matching marble base customized. Bet you are wondering, if it has a rippling design, how would things stay upright on it? Well, not the entire square top surface features ripples on it. Half looks like a calm ocean, while the other is just stirring up in a brewing storm.

Another ocean wave table top that will have you loosening your purse strings a little, this coffee table top has also been hand carved from the beautiful natural black Nero Marquina marble. The only difference is that this ocean wave pattern has been created on a circular slab of marble. The pitch black marble top has rippling ocean waves on the half of its circumference while the other half is like undisturbed sand on an isolated beach. You can have it customized in any size that may suit your existing layout, available space and budget. If you want a statement furniture piece in your living room, this is the coffee table you need. You can pair it with a metal, concrete or same marble base and watch it transform your living room into a stylish villa-style space. The table top has subtle white veining running all across it, which is a characteristic of the beautiful Nero Marquina marble.

Round Ocean Wave Marble Table Top
Nero Marquina Ocean Wave Marble Table

Ocean wave table top is one thing, but hand carving an entire marble table from a stone block with an ocean wave top surface is another and much more meticulous. This gorgeous black coffee table top has been sculpted from natural black Nero Marquina marble blocks. The round table is solid marble from top to bottom and looks more like a circular piece of stone. However, it is the ocean wave pattern on the top that attracts the eye and makes it an instant focal point in whichever room you desire to place this stunning table. The rippling ocean wave on the half of its circumference with the other half smoothly polished, the table is a wonderful pick for any modern, contemporary, mid-century modern or any other interior. It can be custom made in any size to accommodate any specific design requirements that the customer may need. The table top has gentle white veining all over the piece, which makes it even more beautiful. It can be placed as the central coffee table, a side table or anywhere you think it would go with your existing furnishings.

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