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Contemporary design hand-carved marble pedestal sink and granite sink pedestal

Pedestal Sink Freestanding Floor Drained Black Nero Marquina Marble Pedestal Sink
Pedestal Sink Wall Drained Square Black Marble Pedestal Sink
Pedestal Sink Modern Round Pillar Bowl Nero Marquina Marble Pedestal Sink
Pedestal Sink stone pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Cararra marble pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Black granite pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Raw stone surface pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink pedestal marble top vanity
Pedestal Sink Natural stone pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Black granite sink pedestal
Pedestal Sink Modern white marble pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Modern white marble cube pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Modern Nero Marquina marble cube pedestal sink
Pedestal Sink Black marble and stainless steel pedestal sink

Marble pedestal sink

A marble pedestal sink hand-carved from a whole marble block

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Best Must-Have Natural Stone Pedestal Sink Designs in 2023

Stainless steel and plastic vanities and sinks may look nice but they are neither reliable nor strong. In comparison to unappealing steel and plastic options, natural stone has an ageless allure with an elegance that will put even the most attractive metal to shame. There is no material more graceful and elegant than natural stone when it comes to adding attractive and chic interior design elements in your home. Top interior designers in the industry also prefer natural stones be it marble, granite, travertine or onyx or other gemstone types. And the bathroom is one of the best places to utilize natural stones to elevate the style quotient.

Natural stone pedestal sinks are one of the most favored bathroom accessories when it comes to modern homes that are looking for a chic touch with earthy materials. Aside from providing brilliant functionality, these pedestal sinks become a powerful style statement regardless of the existing interior design layout. Rife with ancient glamor, these stone pedestal sinks can be installed in a bathroom or in an outdoor setting for classy aesthetic and obvious practicality. Given the sturdy and durable nature of natural stones, these sinks will last for decades and give you your money’s worth. So without further ado, let’s read about the top natural stone pedestal sink designs of 2023.

We all have seen black monoliths protruding from the face of earth and reaching skyward in countless movies and TV shows, but rarely come across a similar black freestanding pedestal sink. Hand carved from exquisite black Nero Marquina marble, this beautiful pedestal sink is a mark of brilliant craftsmanship and will attract people to your bathroom’s understated fixture. The round plate shaped sink is balanced on a round pillar of matching marble in the middle. It is a simple design that is strong and quite easy to clean and maintain. The black marble sink has subtle and delicate white veining adding to its beauty. This particular bathroom feature will add a splash of elegance to a simple act of hand or face washing. It will look wonderful in a minimalist household.

Nero Marquina Freestanding Pedestal Sink
Bulky Square Black Marble Pedestal Sink

Your bathroom isn’t the only place that requires a vanity or a sink. If you have a patio marked for entertaining guests or a garden layout for parties and so on, you might want to invest in a nice, long lasting sink for hand washing. While steel and plastic sinks will chip away with natural wear within a year or two outdoors, this bulky, square black marble pedestal sink will last for ages while fulfilling its purpose. And it is not merely a conduit of hygiene, this hand carved black Nero Marquina pedestal sink is a powerhouse of poise, elegance and aesthetical beauty. It looks amazing with its broad rim and drain in the middle of the square structure. The sink is deep which makes it look like a piece of art. It is well suited for a farmhouse, cottage, and rustic interior and will do beautifully in a modern household as well. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The subtle white strokes of veining on the natural stone sink are elegant and make this mundane fixture visually striking.

Another beautiful iteration of the bathroom fixture from natural black Nero Marquina marble, this modern round pillar bowl pedestal sink is a grand addition to any bathroom looking for a sophisticated upgrade. Imagine a champignon mushroom with a stump, now take the top off and flip it. That is how this sink is shaped. Poised atop a sturdy marble pillar, the bowl shaped sink with a drain in the middle is hand carved from natural marble blocks and has a certain elegance that only natural stones can provide. It has striking white veining strokes running across the sink in a stark contrast to the black surface. This pedestal sink can be installed in the bathroom, out in the garden or on the patio; wherever you think you may require washing hands. It is a well-designed and carved fixture that can be customized in a different size as well.

Round Pillar Bowl Pedestal Sink
Sculptural Carrara Marble Pedestal Sink

The beautiful, white Carrara marble has an unparalleled aesthetic beauty and immeasurable number of opportunities when it comes to use this natural stone material in interior design. Take this breathtaking Carrara marble pedestal sink for instance. It has been hand carved by skilled craftsmen and looks nothing short of a beautifully chiseled sculpture. The sink has been carved in a cylindrical shape with a large basin and has a window type opening in the pillar, which frankly, makes it look like a glorious lighthouse, sans the typical roof. The precision of carving and smoothness of polished surface are an ode to the artisans who made this beautiful piece of bathroom fixture. The sink is bowl shaped with a drain in the middle. The classy Italian Carrara marble has its gray splotch veining making it even more eye-catching. This block of cylindrical form can be installed anywhere you want, granted the place has a running water access. It is perfect for modern homes and bathrooms where it will stand apart from the mundane layout.

Round, square and rectangular sinks are fairly common in design and we all have seen one or all of these shapes in the bathroom fixture design. But we bet you never came across a triangular sink, have you? Well, feast your eyes on this unusual, black granite pedestal sink which has been hand carved in an amazing triangular plate poised on a cuboid pillar. It is a remarkable fixture for a modern homeowner and will earn praises and coveted looks. Regardless of where you wish to install this peculiarly designed pedestal sink, it will grace your home for decades to come. Made from granite, which rivals marble material when it comes to sturdiness and elegance, the black sink will complement any color palette whether it is a neutral color scheme or bold primary colors. It will add a distinct charm and superiority to your space while sprucing up the mundane layout. Moreover, you can have it made to order in different sizes to make it a better fit for your home.

Black Granite Pedestal Sink
Roughly Chiseled Black Limestone Pedestal Sink

This unusually shaped black limestone pedestal sink not only has a curious design but two contrasting surfaces as well. Hand carved from natural black limestone with adept precision, this sink has a roughly chiseled exterior to rival the black, smoothly polished interior. From a distance, it looks like a supporting pillar from the ruins of one of the long gone ancient civilizations. The black sink is a small square shaped bowl with a drain hole in the middle and a space marked for faucet in the rim of one side. The modern pedestal sink will stand out in any modern or contemporary design layout. As the black stone is chiseled and left unpolished on the outside, it looks gray in color, making the piece much more appealing. You can have it customized in any size. However, as each piece is handcrafted, no two pieces will be the same in pattern, shade or color. Nonetheless, the aesthetic and functional appeal of the sink will remain the same.

A luxurious bath space needs an opulent vanity as well. This square golden and black stone pedestal top vanity is the perfect pick for such a space and for increasing the style statement. Hand carved from natural Nero Marquina marble and stainless steel, the pedestal sink is a marriage of classic gold and black color palette. This beloved design has a massive demand due to its extravagant design. The combination of two unusual materials – stainless steel and black marble – makes it a curious piece of art as well. Its base has been made from golden patterns that create a sensuous contrast to the black stone vanity sitting on the top. This pedestal sink is an ideal addition to a luxurious master bathroom. The sculptural aesthetic of this sink will look absolutely wonderful in a modern or contemporary household where it would turn the bathroom into a lavish spa. Moreover, it can be customized as per your design modifications, should there be any, to make it fit into your available space.

Square Black Pedestal Marble Top Vanity
Contemporary Beijing White Marble Pedestal Sink

This elegant, sophisticated looking Beijing white marble pedestal sink is the personification of style and functionality in an effortless design. The contemporary sink has been hand carved from white natural marble block for a smooth and seamless design. It is a freestanding bathroom fixture that can be installed anywhere around the house. Taking its shape from an ellipse, this sink is testament to premium craftsmanship and has a tapered bottom with a wider top. The elongated width of the feature is made more curious by putting a bowl shaped sink on one side, while the other is left as a bulk of stone in a polished surface. Innate to this marble type, the sink has subtle, almost invisible to the naked eye, veining. Finished with high-gloss white glaze, this pedestal sink is the best pick for a modern interior where it will blend in with any color scheme or layout. Moreover, it can be made to order in any size to accommodate your design requirements, if any.

Hand carved from natural white Beijing marble by skilled craftsmen, this beautiful modern pedestal sink takes its shape from a cuboid, except for the sink and drain at the top. The cube sink has rounded edges and a flat rim to keep water from splashing out. The sink has been beautifully carved from natural stone material and has a hand-polished smooth surface paired with attention to detail. Absolutely perfect for modern bathroom space, this sink doesn’t necessarily have to be installed inside the house. You can install it out in the garden or the patio. It has subtle veins making it more elegant and will make a wonderful addition to any modern or contemporary space with its aura of classiness. You can have it custom designed in dimensions suitable to your particular needs and available space and budget. From a distance, you will never know that it is a sink and not a sculptural piece of art.

Modern White Cuboid Pedestal Sink
Round Black and Golden Pedestal Vanity Top

Stone and metal are nature’s two of the most superior materials and these pedestal sinks combine the two in one design. If you have a lavish bathroom or want a touch of lavishness in your bathroom space, this black marble and stainless steel pedestal vanity is for you. Its shimmering gold with chic black are paired in a cylinder pedestal. The design is quite unique and is perfectly sized to suit both big and small bathrooms. The pedestal is made from golden steel cutout patterns while the top is carved from natural black Nero Marquina marble block. The entire piece has a distinct tone and texture to it which will be ideal for modern and contemporary homes. Moreover, you can have it customized in a size best suited to your individualistic needs.