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We pick the precious stone and hand carve it to a bathtub!

When crystal bathtub became a trend, our factory begin to buy original natural crystal stone from all over the world. Right now in our stock, we have blue onyx, pink onyx, yellow onyx, green onyx and red onyx. It means we could customize you a natural unique blue crystal bathtub, red crystal bathtub, rose quartz tub, red crystal tubs, yellow crystal bathtubs etc. We appreciate you reading this page. This indicates that we’re building something between you and us which will underpin the foundation and give us the confidence to work together. That is trust. We’ve been cherished and benefited from the unique and unparalleled trust in building our family business in the past decades. We would be grateful if we could build trust with you.

We are a family business in manufacturing of marble bathtubs , granite bathtubs,and marble sinks, marble pedestals, etc. All the photos we displayed on our websites are real proejcts we have done during these years. These stone bathtubs are available to be customized according to your design. There are various choices in natural stone materials, including marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine, and precious stone like onyx, rose quartz, etc.

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From rose quartz tub to green onyx bath, we customize all rare crystal bathtubs

Our factory established in 1999 and started to work with builders and contractors from North America and European countries since 2004. For years experience, we have built long-term cooperation relationships with many builders, designers, contractors and architects. The brilliant ideas, designs, and hard work encouraged us to develop new techniques and try new things. With our efforts, we have done many marvellous projects. We’re so proud to work with all of these amazing professionals.

We’re aiming to provide high quality art-works and we always go the extra mile to ensure the best interest of our customers. We appreciate you taking initiative to reach out to us and we will ensure you having a wonderful purchasing experience.

Top 10 Luxury Gemstone Bathtubs Perfect to Add a Royal Touch in Your Bathroom in 2023

Soaking up in a big, natural stone bathtub is an immensely relaxing feeling. Not only it relieves you of your hectic day’s tension and stress, it also elevates the style quotient of your bathing space.

Many people prefer fiberglass tubs for they are lightweight in comparison to natural stone tubs, but a natural stone bathtub has a unique and unparalleled classic elegance to it.

There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to natural stone bathtubs; There are so many materials, so many designs and sizes and shapes that it is quite overwhelming to make a suitable choice. Before you decide on design, size and shape, you must pick the material first

When it comes to natural stone materials for bathtub construction, you have got marble, granite, travertine, limestone and so on. But there is one material that is more elegant than its counterparts and that is precious and semi-precious gemstones.

If you are looking for a refreshing, regal vibe in your bathroom, you should opt for a luxury gemstone bathtub. You can pick from a variety of natural gemstones in agate, malachite, petrified wood stone, amethyst, pink quartz, white quartz and so many exotic options. To help you make an informed decision, here are the top 10 luxury gemstone bathtubs that will become an art piece in bathing space and give you a spa-like experience to unwind at home.

There are people who like to go home, open up a bottle of wine and take a long relaxing bath at the end of a tiring day. If you are one such person, this luxurious green onyx bathtub brimming with sensuous colors is the right choice for you. This gemstone bathtub has a beautiful textures and breathtaking colors just swirling around the feature, which will make your bathroom a soothing haven. It has parallel bands of white, green and yellow hues to accentuate its famous characteristic. This particular quality is a tell-tale sign of the quality and authenticity of this natural gemstone, which cannot be replicated by false gems and other pretender materials. It has a cozy elongated bowl-like structure with a matching stone base. This freestanding gemstone tub has two far ends curving slightly skyward to offer maximum support for your back and neck as you enjoy a warm bath. The green onyx material will add an ethereal touch to your bathroom space, making it livelier.

Round Malachite Gemstone Bathtub

Hand carved from natural, premium quality malachite stone, this round gemstone bathtub is one of its kind, and will infuse your bathroom with a luxurious vibe. The exquisite turquoise green color of the bathtub is a stark contrast to its golden claw foot base. It will immediately remind you of so many opulent bathroom fixtures you may have seen in movies or have linked them to the glorious ancient civilizations. There are eight legs in total, with each direction having a pair of intricately carved golden plated brass claw foot. This freestanding vintage style tub will turn your bathroom into a luxury spa retreat and help you unwind at the end of the day. Expertly carved and smoothly polished, this gemstone bathtub turquoise and dark green veining creating beautiful patterns and designs all over the bathroom fixture. It also features two golden handles on the sides for the ease of transportation in case you wish to mix up the layout after its initial placement. You can pair it with golden faucet and other golden accents to compliment the ensemble and creating a lavish haven

With a basically colorless and translucent white-pink shade, this gorgeous rose quartz bathtub is one of the top luxury gemstone bathtubs in 2023. It has an aesthetically appealing structure and color that can uplift any bathroom space instantly. The immaculate quartz stone has been hand carved by expert craftsmen and polished into perfection. It has a freestanding design with a matching stone base. As it is not as translucent as onyx, this quartz bathtub will not reflect as much light through its surface. This stunning pink rose quartz tub has thick strains and veins to provide additional texture and style. The bold golden and gray veining add to its character and make it stand apart from the hum-drum designs. Moreover, its custom designed rolled rim along the edge offer incredible stability and visual equilibrium. It can be customized in any size or shape to fit your design requirements as well.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Tub
Pink Onyx Stone Bathtub

Pink Onyx Stone Bathtub

If you are a fan of all things quirky, this irregularly shaped pink onyx gemstone bathtub is definitely for you. It is truly a masterpiece and true testament of the skill and expertise of the craftsmen. Hand carved from a single piece of natural pink onyx stone block and has an asymmetrical design with a smoothly polished surface. The shape of this gemstone bathtub slightly resembles a sea shell with some rough edges. It has subtle white and gray veining marking its beauty through different patterns. This gorgeous pink tub will look stunning in an extravagant space in a modern or contemporary design layout. Although its massive size is well suited for grand and striking bathrooms, you can have it custom made in a different size or shape to accommodate to your specific needs. It can be paired with golden or brass bathroom fixtures such as the faucet to make it much more exquisite.

Honey Onyx Gemstone Bathtub

2023 is a year of bold and subtle neutral colors in home interiors. It is probably the best time to invest in this subtle honey onyx gemstone bathtub which will definitely add an earthy vibe to your bathroom. It features bold white, yellow and brown veining that make it a warm, welcoming and appealing bathroom fixture. Hand carved from natural honey onyx stone, this bathtub will introduce a modern feel into a chic interior. This organic-looking tub is a perfect option for modern homeowners and country style lovers. It is a versatile masterwork that is simply perfect for a luxury bathroom and will provide relaxing baths to you. You can even have it custom made to make it a better fit for your space. This freestanding gemstone bathtub can be paired with stainless steel fixtures for a more elegant look and additional wow factor.

Stunning Amethyst Gemstone Bathtub

If you want a pop of color in your bathroom along with an opulent touch, this amethyst bathtub is right for you. Hand carved from the natural lilac variety of quartz, this purple tub is quite impressive with its vivacious color and gold filigree claw foot legs. The golden legs add a touch of royalty to the fixture and create the perfect color contrast with the purple tub. The gemstone bathtub is also wonderful for those who believe in its symbolism, which is that amethyst helps relieve stress and anxiety. Well, given that bathtub does the same, it lines up flawlessly. It features subtle white and gray veining accentuating the amethyst’s natural beauty. This oval tub will look absolutely stunning in a white or neutral colored bathroom where it can provide a splash of brightness. The earthy lavender color of amethyst will look great will matching bathroom accessories or golden colored fixtures. It will be a great addition to any modern or contemporary home looking for a refreshing change in the interior design.

Irregularly Shaped Onyx Tub

Bored with regular, standard shaped bathtub? Try this stunning and irregularly shaped onyx bathtub to change things up. Conforming to no shape in particular, this onyx gemstone tub has subtle color variation throughout the entire fixture. Hand carved from natural white onyx stone, the bathtub has subtle markings from red, honey and green color at places along with subtle gray veining running all over the bathroom fixture. Its irregular and raw shape gives it an illusion of a natural formation, rather than something that has been carved on purpose. The exterior and interior of the bathtub are smoothly polished to offer relaxing bath time. Its organic and natural look paired with precious construction materials makes it one of the most coveted gemstone bathtub designs of 2023. It will look amazing in a cottage or a rustic log while adding a sophisticated touch of luxury to these interiors. Moreover, it can be customized as per your taste.

Gray Onyx Bathtub

Gray Onyx Bathtub

Resembling a bowl, this gray onyx bathtub is one of its kind with its circular shape and clean lines adding color and texture to your interior layout. It has been hand carved from a solid block of gray onyx stone and has remarkable patterns created by its bold gray, white and brown veining all across the custom piece. The gemstone bathtub is oozing fine craftsmanship through its perfectly smooth surface. You can have it customized in any size as well. Although a fairly simple and modest design, this tub can make a difference between mundane and elegant layout in your bathroom space. It is deep and can be placed directly on the floor or on a metal or stone slab. This classic bathtub will be an ideal inclusion to a modern or contemporary bathroom design.

Irregularly Shaped Pink Onyx Stone Bathtub

This breathtaking piece of bathroom fixture is hand carved from stunning pink onyx, this irregularly shaped gemstone bathtub is too good to be true. It’s the irregular design of this stone tub that makes it stand apart from the mundane and standard bathtubs on the market. It has a shiny, smooth surface with a broad rim where you can keep your bathing essential within an arm’s reach. There is also a small step or seat in one corner. This giant of a bathtub will look amazing in a lavish bathroom with plenty of square footage to spare; you wouldn’t want your average sized bathroom to get cramped after putting this massive tub in there. However, if you do have a small bathroom and would still love to invest in this tub, you can have it customized in a size that would suit your available space without compromising on the current layout. The pink onyx tub has intricate patterns all over it, which are created by subtle white veining slithering around. It would look amazing with any interior design and elevate the style quotient ever further.

Irregularly Shaped Pink Onyx Stone Bathtub
Roughly Chiseled Malachite Bathtub

Roughly Chiseled Malachite Bathtub

Hand carved from natural malachite gemstone block, this roughly chiseled bathtub is simply amazing. The interior of the tub has been polished smoothly to offer a relaxing surface for your bath, while the exterior looks like a rough diamond. It has a deep green hue that is particular to malachite gemstone and creates dancing light patterns when filled with water. The bathtub is deep and has a wide rim where you can keep your bathing essential nearby. White and dark green veining accentuate its beauty, making it a coveted piece of bathroom luxury. It can be placed near a window or in the middle of the bathroom and it will simply compliment its surrounding through its visually pleasing and functional design. You can have it customized in a different size as well

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