Contemporary custom gemstone bathtub

Award-winning design green onyx hand-carved bathtub

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Precious stone bathtub

Stunning texture and shimmering colors are par the course for this green onyx bathtub. The parallel bands which are famously characteristic of onyx accentuate the delicate yellow-green hue of the natural gemstone material, providing it with that subtly earthy essence that false gems and other imposter materials simply cannot replicate.

Green onyx custom bath

The stone bathtub is carved into a cozy double slipper structure, with the two far ends curving slightly upwards in a wing formation, making it perfect for easing your head back and putting your feet up during a hot bath at the end of the day. The slightly translucent green onyx gives the tub an ethereal, surreal glimmer: this luxury tub delivers the utmost pinnacle of beauty and class. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.