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Classy Oval Marble Bath Project Display

Black marble bathtub to white marble bath:Custom unique design marble tub

Papillon Black Marble bath tub
Contemporary black nero marquina marble bathtub
Black nero marquina marble bathtub
Contemporary freestanding white stone bath
Freestanding white marble bathtub
Italian white Carrara marble bathtub
Oval black stone tub
Black granite bathtub
Nero Marquina black marble bath
freestanding sandstone bathtub
Beige stone bathtub
Custom design stone bathtub
Natural beige stone tubs
Papillon natural stone bath tub
Custom highhill shoe stone bath
Saturn stone bathtub
Black granite double slipper bathtub
White marble stone tub
beige granite bathtub
Rose Marble Bathtub

Marble bathtub

Oval bathtub made by natural marble

We appreciate you reading this page. This indicates that we’re building something between you and us which will underpin the foundation and give us the confidence to work together. That is trust. We’ve been cherished and benefited from the unique and unparalleled trust in building our family business in the past decades. We would be grateful if we could build trust with you.

We are a family business in manufacturing of marble bathtubs,granite bathtubs,and marble sinks, marble pedestals, etc. All the photos we displayed on our websites are real proejcts we have done during these years. These stone bathtubs are available to be customized according to your design. There are various choices in natural stone materials, including marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine, and precious stone like onyx, rose quartz, etc.

Marble bath manufactory

Our factory established in 1999 and started to work with builders and contractors from North America and European countries since 2004. For years experience, we have built long-term cooperation relationships with many builders, designers, contractors and architects. The brilliant ideas, designs, and hard work encouraged us to develop new techniques and try new things. With our efforts, we have done many marvellous projects. We’re so proud to work with all of these amazing professionals.

We’re aiming to provide high quality art-works and we always go the extra mile to ensure the best interest of our customers. We appreciate you taking initiative to reach out to us and we will ensure you having a wonderful purchasing experience.