Double slipper White Marble Bathtub

Custom design White Marble Bathtub

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Double slipper stone bathtub

This elegant white marble bathtub is polished to a perfectly smooth shine by our expert sculptors. A slipper design features an elevated curved end for head support during relaxing soaks, with a comfortable bowl shape that is perfect for curling up into with a hot bath.

White Marble Bathtub

The bathtub’s gracefully curved rim provides a beautiful shape that is ideal for maximum comfort, and its natural white marble material boasts parallel veins of stunning coloration for a classic, iconic marble aesthetic. The marble is hand-carved to order, as all Marblebee products are, from a solid block of white Masha marble, and the tub’s freestanding design allows it to be placed anywhere, free from the constraints of a wall or of difficult internal installation.