Unique white marble bathtub

Classic design white marble bath tub traditional design with rolled rim and pedestal

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white marble bathtub

The Beijing white marble freestanding tub with intricate design detailing can be the major design element of a modern bathroom style. So, if you have ample space, you can consider including this iconic feature. With an artistic and contemporary style, a freestanding tub can create a stunning focal point for your room, just like a sculptural piece.

The white marble bath with floral carving further adds a sophisticated element to your bathroom. The custom floral carving marble bathtub is the result of premium engineering characteristics. Plus, the ease of maintenance makes it a perfect choice for busy homeowners.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

The key design elements of this bathtub are suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. We recommend installing this intricate tub in a minimal interior so that the bathtub appears as the highlight of your master bathroom.

Also, include clean-lined faucets without any embellishments, as the tub itself has ample ornamentation. You can even choose it in custom style or size, as per your liking and space availability.