Black Marble bathtub Unique Papillon design bath

Award Contemporary Design Papillon marble bathtub

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Papillon bathtub

Elegantly proportioned, with an increased depth and strong sides, this freestanding papillon limestone bathtub is hand-carved and polished to utmost perfection, providing both physical beauty and practical utility. The freestanding nature of the limestone tub allows it to be placed anywhere, and to be presented not just as a washroom utility, but as an attractive display of the art of sculpture, and its pure black limestone material certainly stands proud alongside even the most exquisite art pieces you may have on display in your home or business.

Black Marble bathtub

The papillon shape boasts a subtle “winged” shape, taken from “papillon” which is French for “butterfly,” resembling the unmistakable silhouette of their curved wings.

For modern bathroom design and zen-style bathroom, a matte surface limestone black tub is the main element!