Custom design black marble bath

Award Contemporary Design Papillon marble bathtub´╝îCustom Black Marble bathtub

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Custom modern design bathtub

This contemporary style black marble bathtub is one of a kind and instantly recognizable, thanks to its distinctive exterior pattern of ridges, which vaguely resembles a sumptuous candy cup. But in contrast to this unique ridged outer wall, the interior of the tub is typically smooth, with a carefully polished marble interior for luxurious bathing and relaxation.

Black Marble bathtub

The singular contemporary design is custom, and fully subject to changing to order, specially crafted from whole black Marquina marble. The oval shape of the tub compliments the sharper sculpture exterior, and the Spanish Nero style has an unmistakable stylistic combination of rigid discipline and relaxed self-expression. For more Customized Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.