Modern Italian White Carrara Marble Bathtub

Award winning Contemporary Design Italian White Carrara Marble Bathtub

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Modern freestanding stone bathtub

For natural white marble tubs, a little variety can go a long way! With off-white and grey hues combined with natural black patterns, this modern bathtub transforms from a predictable monochrome into a dynamic grayscale pallet of subtle color.

Italian White Carrara Marble Bathtub

The color scheme of the tub’s natural Italian Carrara marble is vibrant and engaging, even as it sticks to a narrow spectrum of whites, blacks, and greys, which allows it to be placed among many different color schemes without clashing or being distracting. The modern oval design is precisely carved of Carrara marble, with contemporary techniques for a striking final shape combining a bowl with straight edges. For more Customized Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.