Red rose marble bathtub

Unique red rose natural marble bathtub

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Oval red marble bathtub

Sometimes, even a simple design can pop thanks to powerful color or pattern choices. With this unforgettable piece, the marble bath has a bold natural red color, making it pop even among more complex designs and ambitious sculptures. The bright marble material shines and gleams with its dazzling array of multifaceted white veins and striations, all ripped straight from the earth and polished to perfection by expert craftsmen.

Red rose marble tub

Creamy burgundy, deep mahogany, calming beige, and pure white all slide and flow in and out amongst one another in a completely natural kaleidoscope of real stone hues. The sides of the marble tub’s oval shape are all rigidly straight for structural integrity, in addition to thick rims around the edges. For more Customized Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.