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How to choose between granite bathtub, quartz bathtub and marble bathtub?

We don’t tend to talk or think about restrooms too often, and at first glance, a tub is just a tub, a large pot to wash in. But at the same time, we use bathtubs almost every single day of our lives.

Bathtubs are easy to underestimate. We don’t tend to talk or think about restrooms too often, and at first glance, a tub is just a tub, a large pot to wash in. But at the same time, we use bathtubs almost every single day of our lives.

They often have a profound positive effect on our day as we step into them dirty, stressed, or tired, and step out of them clean, loosened and relaxed. And again, this is a daily occurrence.

Because of these reasons, shouldn’t our tub’s construction and design reflect that? It is such a ubiquitous thing, always available, devastating if inaccessible even for a short week… our bathtubs should be enduring, immovable, and permanent. They should be strong, heavy, and timeless.

This is where natural stone building materials come into play. An investment on a powerful, indestructible granite bathtub will wash the cares away from the daily chaos of your life the moment the granite tub is installed and ready for use.

How much does a granite bathtub cost?

A custom granite bathtub cost from $7000 to $22,000 depends on the size and color of the granite.

Granite and other natural stone materials are so versatile that there’s really no end to the choices and customization you can sift through to settle on your perfect freestanding bathtub. Granite tubs and marble tubs have such a distinct feel to them that it can be surprising how flexible and versatile their designs can be. The short list of granite and marble bathtubs presented here is hardly even scratching the surface for the possibilities that natural stone can bring to your washroom.

Double slipper nero marquina stone bathtub

(Check out:Double slipper nero marquina stone bathtub)

A slipper-shaped Nero Marquina marble tub with a dazzling array of white color veins on a shiny jet-black stone surface, with dual winged ends curving up like a hammock to relax your body into, head back and feet up.

Double slipper White Marble Bathtub

(Check out:Double slipper White Marble Bathtub)

This beautiful white marble tub with parallel natural striped color veins boasts a single slipper end to relax your head back against like a pillow. The natural white marble material and its inherent shine bring the expansive purity of nature into the safety and comfort of your home.

Ablsolute Black Granite Bathtub

(Check out:Ablsolute Black Granite Bathtub)

Carefully shaped and immaculately polished, this pure black granite bathtub is spotless and flawless perfection. Its deep dimensions and straight sides combine for the ultimate immersive bath experience. Lose yourself in the pitch-black granite bath and let its cool, smooth walls envelop you.

Freestanding Sandstone Bathtub

(Check out:Freestanding Sandstone Bathtub)

This powerful stone tub is made of exquisite natural sandstone material, ideal for a sun-soaked rejuvenation session that basks in clean heat like the desert. The immaculate sandstone has a pleasant beige color and an all-natural pattern of real stone coloration veins that make it resemble wood, while obviously being much more durable and resistant to water and erosion over time.

Overall, it’s perfect for inclusion in washrooms that have wood elements or themes, or even for use outdoors!

Travertine stone bathtub

(Check out: Travertine stone bathtub)

This subtly tasteful bathtub of beige stone is made entirely of natural travertine, a type of tough limestone that accumulates naturally in riverbeds. The tub, which has been carved and polished into a smooth surface, is a smoothly rounded oval shape, with the rim forming a perfect ellipse and the sides a gently sloping bowl shape, which makes it comfortable for some submerged rest and relaxation as much as any softer piece of furniture, and which belies the natural strength of its travertine stone. It has a nicely grainy, textured appearance, but polished smooth as glass to the touch.

Unique custom highhill shoe design bathtub

(Check out: Unique custom highhill shoe design bathtub)

This custom travertine bathtub boasts a unique structure with two small stands positioned underneath, from with it gets its name. The high hill shoe stone bath has a one-sided slipper design with a winged end for support during a relaxed soak, like an armchair.

Saturn Vein white Stone Bathtub

(Check out: Saturn Vein white Stone Bathtub)

This wonderful white stone bathtub has stylishly swooping curves and a gently shaped rim to match its graceful bowl shape. The white marble stone is fully carved from a whole block of natural white Masha marble mined from China, crafted to order by our expert sculptors. Its double-slipper design supports both the head and feet of the lounging bather, and the marble striations wrapped around it resemble the swirling atmosphere of a gas giant planet with its parallel vein color pattern, giving it the nickname “Saturn stone” as a result.

Beige granite bathtub-the top quality natural stone tub

(Check out: Beige granite bathtub-the top quality natural stone tub)

This creamy yellow and beige bathtub is made of pure granite and twists a traditional design into a whole new style. The familiar is pushed into the innovative with just a few small upgrades changing the common double-slipper tub into a deeper, swooping hammock-like design with a gentle curve that resembles a banana in both shape and color. It has a pleasantly grainy texture, with its spotted patterns looking both earthy and polished clean at the same time, and it is anchored strongly by a subtle flat pedestal underneath to balance its rounded bottom.

Black granite bathtub

(Check out: Black granite bathtub)

With its twin winged edges and its pure and flawless black granite color and texture, this stunning black stone bathtub boasts a shiny and monochrome sheen for the ultimate depiction of strength and natural beauty in the washroom. The density of granite and a pure black color are accentuated by carefully polished natural stone with honed surface, and the winged edges are perfect for luxury and relaxation against its smooth and perfectly comfortable surface.

Red rose marble bathtub

(Check out: Red rose marble bathtub)

This relatively simple design is elevated by a singularly striking marble stone color. The marble bath has an unforgettable natural red color, making it pop with its spiraling network of creamy white marble veins, even among more complex designs and ambitious shapes, all ripped straight from the earth and polished to perfection by expert craftsmen.

If parallel lines resemble Saturn, this truly resembles Jupiter, most fittingly as the most powerful and influential of the Greco-Roman mythological pantheon.

It’s safe to say that all of these different natural stones look stunning, boast high durability, and will likely require some professional help to properly and safely install. So, which one should you choose?

Overall, there is truly no wrong answer, but as with everything in life, you must balance the negative and positive aspects to make your final choice.

Custom design black marble bath

(Check out: Custom design black marble bath)

How much does a marble bathtub cost?

A custom marble bathtub from Classybath cost from $4000 to $7000, also depends on the size and color of marble.

Marble is one of the most iconic and recognizable stone building materials in the world, and for good reason. Its distinctive marble veining patterns are always beautiful and always recognizable, with its swirling patterns combining the durability of pure stone with the succulent appearance of a soft dairy treat. Marble is among the most versatile stones on the planet, with endless design and color possibilities.

Nero Marquina Modern Black Marble Bath

(Check out: Nero Marquina Modern Black Marble Bath)

However, the classical strengths of marble come with some stringent responsibilities. It often requires consistent maintenance, because despite its durability, it is still more vulnerable to chipping and wear than an even tougher stone such as granite, and it also can have special cleaning requirements depending on your specific variety of marble.

Modern Italian White Carrara Marble Bathtub

(Check out: Modern Italian White Carrara Marble Bathtub)

Quartz is unique among common bathtub materials for its crystalline nature: its molecular structure is a rigid, repeating tetrahedron, with four silicon atoms attached evenly to a central atom of oxygen: this highly structured shape is what gives the crystal its naturally ruler-straight appearance.

The greatest strength of quartz is its most obvious: the extreme beauty of the crystal material is by far the most impressive looking of all the natural stone materials, often combining smoothly filed surfaces and rough, jagged crystalline walls for a true glimpse of a sparkling cave untouched by human hands, which adds the benefit of having a smooth interior for bathing and a rougher exterior for the natural showcase of the stone’s beauty.

Sandstone bathtub Unique Papillon design bath

(Check out: Sandstone bathtub Unique Papillon design bath)

Thanks to its high value, the presence of a properly installed quartz bathtub will greatly increase the worth of the house, and its durability is higher than granite, even if not by very much.

The clearest drawback of such a dazzling stone as quartz is its exorbitant price: it is, after all, literally a precious stone! Potentially costing multiple thousand dollars per pound, quartz crystal may be highly expensive, but it is also highly dense, ranking among the heaviest of the bath stones. With this great weight and interior tension, it is also more vulnerable to cracking.

Contemporary Oval Black Stone Tub

(Check out: Contemporary Oval Black Stone Tub)

The repeating crystalline structure of the gemstone, while making the material strong and rigid, also provides microscopic perforations which are easy to crack.

In terms of precious gemstones, quartz is one of the more common varieties, and holds less raw value than the more exorbitant and iconic stones, such as sapphire, emerald, or diamond. However, this is far from bad news, as such stones don’t derive automatic practical usage from their monetary value.

Nero Marquina Modern Black Marble Bath

(Check out: Nero Marquina Modern Black Marble Bath)

A bathtub made of ruby, for instance, would be outrageously expensive, but also would have a lot of problems not necessary for such an appliance. For this reason, such tubs rarely ever exist (or last), and quartz is the perfect middle ground, and an ideal precious stone for large practical projects such as washroom tubs.

Contemporary Rectangular black stone bathtub

(Check out: Contemporary Rectangular black stone bathtub)

How much is a crystal bathtub?

It depends on the class of the crystal, but you could custom a basic rose quartz bathtub from $20,000, If you want a pure rose crystal tub, it might cost $50,000. Compare to the world’s famous design crystal bathtub, it’s still a very good deal but with same or even better quatliy.

Rose quartz, the ideal variety for a stone bathtub, typically sells for $2-4 per karat, which means that the purity of the stone will vary greatly with the price.

Unique white marble bathtub

(Check out: Unique white marble bathtub)

What is the most expensive bathtub in the world?

But what’s one type of tub that can cost even more than crystal quartz? Gold, of course! In a departure from the normal balance of opulence and utility, the Kominato Hotel in Japan boasted a highly impractical (and, honestly, quite gaudy) golden bathtub that reached a whopping value of $990,000! Of course, it was stolen in 2007, and probably not because the thief was looking for a particularly comfortable soak.


The golden tub is utterly dwarfed, however, by the $1.74 million Le Grand Queen tub created by artist Simon Kapf from a whopping ten tons of the extremely rare gemstone “caijou.” Between the rarity of the stone, the craftsmanship involved in its creation, and the sheer amount of material involved.

Golden Bathtub

Cost can be a general indicator of quality, but of course it’s not everything: depending on your specific washroom situation, the most expensive bathtub material, regardless of its qualities, rarity, or beauty, might lack the practical qualities for your needs, or the precise aesthetic of your tub’s room.

Black marble bathtub

What is the most durable material for a bathtub?

Among all kinds of natural stone bathtub, granite is the most durable material for a tub.

Granite is typically a terrific universal natural stone that can apply to almost any situation, as is marble, and just because they are typically cheaper than crystal quartz doesn’t mean they are automatically the superior option or optimal solution to your interior design puzzles.

Black granite stone tub with half polished half raw surface

(Check out: Black granite stone tub with half polished half raw surface)

Along with other similar stone materials like marble and quartz, granite is such an ideal for sturdy, practical washroom construction that the tradition of its use goes back hundreds of years through the history of appliance design.

Classic design black limestone bath tub

(Check out: Classic design black limestone bath tub)

To top it off, it looks absolutely stunning too: we’re all familiar with that famous aesthetic. The swirling color veins, the blend of smooth and grainy textures, the cool, dense feeling as we lean back onto its surface.

Such a powerful material as granite boasts many qualities which, like all great things, can come at a cost, both in a literal financial sense, and in a more subtle way. Of course, it’s such a ubiquitous material, so widely used in so many different structures and appliances around the world, that it’s safe to say its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses.

Classic design brown marble bathtub

(Check out: Classic design brown marble bathtub)

But this is only because artists, engineers, and installers who work with such a stone have solved and persevered through many of the problems that granite might cause… making it all worth it in the end!

Unique Calacatta white marble bathtub

(Check out: Unique Calacatta white marble bathtub)

What is the best material for a bathtub?

Granite bathtub, just as a word on its own, evokes feelings of indestructible power and durability, and it’s not for no reason either. It’s one of the toughest natural stones on the market, and despite this practical sturdiness, it’s also famously beautiful to look at, with its instantly recognizable coloration patterns rivalled only by the veins and stripes of natural marble.

Granite tubs are everlasting and imperishable, and can be polished into a cool, perfectly glasslike surface for a smooth, shiny finish, which, in addition to providing comfort for the bather and being visually pleasant to look at, also makes it quite easy to clean, which can be rare for a natural stone material.

Black dragon marble bathtub

(Check out: Black dragon marble bathtub)

However, the same qualities that make granite so desirable can be challenging to harness and wield. Because of its high density and durability, it is also very heavy, and difficult to transport and install. Depending on where you want it, you might need to include additional reinforcement to the floor so it can hold the tub’s weight. For more Customized Black Stone Tub, or Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.

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