Sandstone bathtub Unique Papillon design bath

Award-winning Contemporary Design Papillon stone bathtub

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Papillon stone tub

Rugged and robust, yet also clean and soothing, sandstone is an ideal material for a natural stone bathtub, with its stunning color patterns and veins that look like they came straight out of the sun washed desert. The special papillon style of this particular bathtub design is ingeniously asymmetrical, yet still perfectly balanced, with its two curved sides reflecting each other in harmony.

Sandstone tub

In addition, the natural stone bath is a bit squatter and wider than some other varieties, which makes it more suited for sitting rather than lying down or lounging back outright: if you prefer more of a hot tub experience, you may prefer these shorter dimensions. For more Customized Stone Bathtub, Stone Tub, or Natural Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.