Contemporary Rectangular black stone bathtub

Black limestone bathtub-Hand-carving custom modern design

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Rectangular stone bathtub

This gorgeous rectangular modern black limestone bath boasts tiny white speckles, offering a comforting and charming feel to a bathroom. It appears super luxurious and also offers exquisite touch to any bathroom interior. Made from limestone, the stunning black You will love the black bathtub has a relaxing shape from within. Soaking in this rectangular bathtub will be no less than a spa-like experience. The best part is that you get it in customized depth and size.

Black limestone bathtub

The beauty and finish of this stonef bath can instantly elevate the visual appeal of any bathroom interior - be it contemporary or traditional. Its simple yet elegant shape goes well with all bathroom styles. With its hidden drain, the bathtub demands the attention of everyone who witnesses it. After all, this exquisite design will be the focal point of any modern bathroom.

If you are looking for a stunning bathtub for enhancing the visual appeal of your shower room, this piece is a must-have.