Ablsolute Black Granite Bathtub

Contemporary honed surface black granite bathtub

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Modern oval bathtub

With its clean edges and refined structure and geometry, this dignified black stone tub distills the best qualities of the natural stone bathtub into one essential piece. Made exclusively of absolute black granite, the stone material is exceedingly strong while still remaining undeniable attractive, and with a single uniform color that fits in with many different color schemes, its freestanding design is versatile to boot. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.

Ablsolute Black Granite Bathtub

Also boasting a polished surface which is honed to perfection for an ideal smooth texture, this absolute black granite bathtub feels as good as it looks and works. With a fluid oval shape, no corners are cut here, especially since the edges are round. For more Customized Natural Stone Bathtub, or Black Stone Tub please contact us by email.