Unique Calacatta white marble bathtub

Classic design Calacatta white marble bath tub

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Calacatta white marble bathtub

Calacatta white marble bathtub is distinctive with its thick, bold veining pattern. Instead of the soft veins of Carrara marble, Calacatta’s highlight is fewer but quite dramatic with its unstructured veins. The overall hue of this bathtub has a global impact on architects and designers due to its white backdrop, colour tone, and veining effect.

The best thing about this white marble freestanding bathtub is its elegance and sophisticated appearance. It makes it suitable for all sorts of bathroom interiors - be it contemporary or traditional.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

The traditional design with rolled rim and pedestal makes this tub a perfect addition for bathroom decor - from modern minimalist to Victorian. The presence of a pedestal adds vintage appeal to bathroom decor. Plus, you don’t have to indulge in extra maintenance that’s needed for a clawfoot bathtub. This particular pedestal bathtub is available in various sizes and shapes that are similar to the freestanding tub.

Want to add a sense of luxury to your bathroom? Consider adding this marble tub to your bathroom space.