Classic design black limestone bath tub

Black limestone bathtub traditional design with rolled rim and pedestal

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black limestone bathtub

This black limestone bathtub is freestanding but boasts a pedestal for raising it from the floor. While all its four sides are exposed, the plinth or pedestal offers extra height compared to the usual freestanding tub design. to raise the bathtub from the floor. While all four sides are exposed, the pedestal offers additional height compared to the freestanding tub.

This double slipper black stone bathtub is perfect to add real extravagance to the modern interior. The black stone tub with a pedestal and rolled rim can make any natural minimalist bathroom appear spacious and chic. In a Zen-style bathroom interior, a black tub appears serene and soft. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

Natural black marble tub is currently in trend. It will be an exclusive addition to your modern bathroom decor. You can order a black marble tub in any size of your choice to add a sense of well-organized and comforting space. Consult Newhomestone Service to get your stylish marble bathtub now! For more Customized Black Stone Tub, Stone Bathtub, or Stone Tub please contact us by email.