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Rose quartz bathtub V.S. Pink Rose Bathtub Part2

Top Luxury precious stone bathtub for your bathroom

Difference between Pink onyx bathtub and rose quartz bathtub

5. Cleanliness

Pink Onyx bath:

Another benefit of a pink onyx bathtub is that it’s very easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe down the surface with warm, soapy water whenever you feel the bathtub is getting dirty or dusty. After that, use a damp cloth for removing soap residue. There is no need to purchase expensive cleaning agents for onyx, as you can do it with regular dish soap or mild soap. It makes the cleaning process simple and inexpensive.

Rose Quartz bath:

Although rose quartz is a highly durable and porous material, it is still not recommended to use any cleaning product on its surface for cleaning your bathtub. The cleaners can be safe to use on quartz bathtubs. But it is still best to rely on hand soaps or antibacterial soaps mixed with water to keep your bathtub clean and shiny.

6. Lighting

rose quartz bathtub

Pink Onyx tub:

Pink Onyx is a translucent stone. It means that if you put a light source behind this material, it will allow light to shine through. So, you can backlight onyx if you want. For instance, you can place your pink onyx bathtub next to a window or a big lighting fixture to ensure that it lets the light shine through. This lighting effect will make your bathtub the masterpiece of your bathroom space. After all, it will be a unique feature. And, you won’t get the same effect with any other stone surface or material available on the market.

Rose Quartz tub:

Pure quartz is basically colorless and transparent or translucent. But when mixed with color pigments and resins, quartz forms various colors, include rose quartz. The cryptocrystalline varieties of quartz can be either translucent or opaque, however, the transparent varieties are likely to be macrocrystalline. Nonetheless, quartz is not as translucent as onyx. So, it won’t reflect as much light as onyx through its surface.

7. Value

Pink Onyx bathtub:

Just like any other natural stone, a pink onyx bathtub can add value to your home. There are various factors to consider whether a bathtub will add value to your property. The price of your property and what potential buyers are seeking in price range can drastically influence the ROI you get from your home renovation project, including bathtub installation.

For instance, Bay Area is one of the highly pricey places to build worldwide. Even the house prices are high. So, potential buyers often look for something unique that wows them while spending high amounts of money on a property. Pink onyx is definitely a showstopper in this case - as it is totally unique. In such areas, this material is perfect to drive the price of your house during the resale.

Rose Quartz bathtub:

Lately, quartz or an engineered stone has beaten granite as the most famous bathroom and kitchen material. So, it is likely to increase the value of your home. But if a homeowner is particular about something unique or a natural stone, they won’t consider quartz installation at the time of the purchase. However, it depends on one’s personal taste and preferences.

Which is best for your bathroom - pink onyx bathtub or rose quartz bathtub?

Both pink onyx bathtub and rose quartz bathtub are perfect additions for either modern or classic homes. Each material has its own advantage and amazing properties. So, how to choose the best one for your home?

Well, it simply depends on your personal choice and what modern technologies and the material property you’re seeking in your bathtub. Both the materials may look similar to you in the images above. But there are some major differences in their properties and characteristics.

After reading in detail about both the materials and the differences between them, you can yourself conclude the best material for your bathroom space.

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