Black dragon marble bathtub

Classic design unique black dragon marble bath tub

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Black dragon marble tub

Want to add an extremely unique touch to your bathroom? Consider installing this patterned black dragon marble bathtub in your bathroom. Boating rolled rim and double slipper design, this particular bathtub appears exquisite due to its unique design. So, it’s likely to instantly uplift the interior decor your any bathroom design without putting in much effort.

The black backdrop with white patches makes this marble material unique. Since it is a natural stone, no two pieces appear the same. The surface can be polished or matte, depending on the preference of the customer. Even its size can be customised as per the liking of the client.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

It is best to measure the available area in your bathroom before ordering a marble bathtub. If you are looking for a cost-effective black marble, this dragon marble is a great choice. This particular custom marble tub will look amazing in a minimal and contemporary bathroom setting - especially a white bathroom interior.