Saturn Vein white Stone Bathtub

Award-winning Contemporary double slipper white stone tub

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Double slipper stone bath tub

This immaculate white stone bathtub features stylish curves and a gently swooping rim to match its gentle bowl-shaped bottom. The stone is carved entirely from a whole block of natural white Masha marble mined from China, hand-carved to order by our expert sculptors, with a fully customizable design like all Marblebee products.

Saturn vein white marble

Its carefully wrought shape and delicate color may resemble an egg, but make no mistake: it won’t break like one! The stunning parallel color veins are naturally occurring to the stone and are called “Saturn veins” for their resemblance to the instantly recognizable atmospheric hues of the gas giant Saturn and its spiraling cloud formations. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.