Freestanding White Stone Bath

Award Contemporary Design white marble bathtub

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Freestanding White Stone Bath

This freestanding white stone bath is gorgeously carved in a contemporary style, with a combination of straight lines and elegant curves for both beauty and utility. This freestanding design allows it to be placed anywhere, and to be presented not just as a washroom utility, but as an attractive display of the art of sculpture. The tub’s custom design features a clean oval shape expertly wrought from a natural block of pure Beijing white marble. The sides of the oval shape are rigidly straight for structural integrity, in addition to thick rims around the edges for even more added strength.

white Marble bathtub

Simultaneously simple and considered, this smoothly honed bathtub boasts a modern style and is hand-carved in an elegant form. Its elegance belies a strong sense of practicality, as it combines hard edges for gripping with soft curves for maximum comfort, all while remaining effortlessly beautiful to look at. It has been wrought with carefully considered proportions, its oval shape with straight sides providing the perfect capsule to sink into after a long day, ideal for relaxing, spreading your legs out, and stretching your body during your soak. This immaculate tub is hand-carved from beautifully speckled natural stone, pulled from a whole block of pure Beijing white marble. For more Customized Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.