Contemporary black granite pedestal sink

Granite pedestal sink with contemporary triangular plate plus Cuboid geometric design

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granite pedestal sink

Lately, the black stone pedestal sink has become popular among homeowners. The standing design and appearance of the black granite pedestal sink appear stunning in any bathroom space.

If you want a similar effect in your bathroom space, this innovative black granite pedestal sink is a good choice. Made from absolute black granite, this pedestal washbasin is perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Aboslute Black granite pedestal sink

With the high skills of our craftsmen, we created this contemporary pedestal sink boasting a triangular plate plus cuboid geometric design. This decorative sink will make any bathroom decor more stylish and sophisticated.

Since we work with professional marble sculptors, it is no problem for us to make different designs based on clients’ requests. If you want this gorgeous sink to fit your bathroom space, you can send your measurements, and our skilled team will offer you the perfect fitting model for your bathroom. For more information and price request, contact Newhomestone.