Raw stone surface pedestal sink

Stone pedestal sink contemporary cyliner shape chiseled surface and polished inside

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stone pedestal sink

Want an industrial vibe in your bathroom decor? Consider installing this rugged raw stone surface pedestal sink in your bathroom. Made from black limestone, this particular pedestal sink boasts a contemporary/cylinder shape/chiseled surface. But it is polished from the inside. This gives a strikingly contrasting vibe to this modern pedestal sink.

Hand-made by skilled artisans, this rugged pedestal sink will be the focal point of any contemporary or modern bathroom. Since it is sculpted from natural stone, there can be variations in its pattern, shade, and colour. But this column sink’s smooth basin and raw base will remain the same.

contemporary cyliner shape pedestal sink

Since the sink is one-of-a-kind, as it is hand-crafted. However, it seems to be elegant, creative, and high-end. The overall look of this pedestal sink is both practical and decorative. Hence, perfect to add a touch of elegance to any powder room.

Have any custom size or shape requirements? Contact Newhomestone experts to meet your needs and fit your bathroom effortlessly.