Natural stone pedestal sink

Stone Pedestal sink with Chiseled surface + polished basin inside

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stone pedestal sink

This Yellow Granite pedestal sink is a sleek, contemporary centerpiece for providing classic warmth and style to any bathroom decor. The natural stone pedestal sink is designed transitionally to stand freely in a bathroom for an elegant and classic appearance.

Boasting contemporary/chiseled surface on the outside and polished basin inside, this pedestal sink adds ensuring strength and pure elegance that works with different interior styles.

Chiseled surface + polished basin inside pedesatl sink

We uses premium raw materials to make sure the highest quality product. With a solid glaze ensuring lasting beauty, this pedestal sink makes a practical and sophisticated addition to any bathroom space.

It features an exquisite classic design to add an air of timelessness to any corner where it is placed. Our high standards of quality craftsmanship further ensure that this particular sink will grace any interior for many years to come. For more Customized Natural Stone Pedestal please contact us by email.