Black granite sink pedestal

Award-winning comtempoary design black granite sink pedestal

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Black granite pedestal sink

This circular black pedestal sink with a narrow base is perfect for any bathroom, garden, kitchen. Since the black granite sink pedestal is made from very hard, black granite, it can even withstand frozen weather or extreme weather conditions. Hence, it is suitable for both interior and exterior settings.

Black Granite makes a perfect contemporary, elegant, and durable bathroom sink. Its truly stunning and unique design is likely to blow away the viewers. The incredible pedestal vanity will kick up your bathroom remodeling project while making a statement.

Award-winning comtempoary granite sink pedestal

You can add a matching mirror above the pedestal sink for a perfect colour-coordinated look. Since it is hand-crafted by skilled artisans, you can be assured of its superior quality and durability that will last for many years to come.

Newhomestone even offers a custom size option for clients to ensure the pedestal sink fits perfectly to the available bathroom space. Sure to inspire imitators, this stylish black granite pedestal sink is likely to set new standards for construction and design.