Rectangular black marble table top Ocean's wave design

Award-winning design Ocean's wave rectangular black marble table top

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Ocean's wave marble surface

From show-stopper to sideshow exhibits, Newhomestone ocean’s wave marble tabletop will add a stunning modern accent to your living space. Made of Nero Marquina marble, this tabletop is influenced by ocean waves that are represented in form of a half polished and half-carved surface.

This rectangular tabletop is great for a large space in a living room. Since marble is a stunning natural stone with classic and timeless appeal, it won’t ever go out of style. This particular material looks marvelous as a tabletop. After all, it forms the star attraction of any given space.

Ocean's wave rectangular black marble surface

The artisans at Newhomestone have turned natural stones, like marble, into a piece of art. You’d definitely love to see this tabletop as the focal point of your living space.

Due to its highly polished surface, you don’t have to think much about its maintenance. It can even be custom-made upon pre-order. Contact our experts for price requests or customization requirements.