Unique Green marble bathtub traditional design with rolled rim and pedestal

Classic design light green marble bath tub

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Green marble bathtub

This freestanding light green marble bathtub is great for upgrading a standard bathroom into your personal spa-like sanctuary. This freestanding marble bathtub caters as an exquisite centerpiece for any bathroom design. The rolled rim stone tub with pedestal appears timeless. So, this freestanding tub is likely to be the best feature in any bathroom style.

NewHomeStone marble bathtubs are hand-carved by skilled artisans and sculpture makers. Sitting on the pedestal, this particular bathtub will look amazing in both traditional and modern bathroom styles. Its oval-shaped curved structure is intended to offer the utmost comfort to the user. So, you can relax for as long as you want without feeling uneasy at all.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

This light green marble with a natural stone patterned surface will stand out in a neutral bathroom setting. Each piece contributes to the individuality of the homeowner, as it is available in a custom size option. So, it enables you to express your unique style with opulence. For more Customized Stone Tub please contact us by email.