Round marble soaker bath

Custom design natural stone hand-carved japanese soaking bath tub

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Stone Japanese soaking tub

The sandstone round soaker stone tub boasts sedimentary layers on the surface to give it a distinct appearance. This tub is intended to have an authentic stone-like appearance. The circular bowl-shaped tub is freestanding and carved intricately from natural sandstone.

This material is easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry or put much effort into cleaning and maintenance. This stone is seen as a luxurious bathtub. It even retains water heat and also its lifespan is quite long.

Natural stone soaker tub

For a modern bathroom, this freestanding sandstone brings natural essence into the interior. This gorgeous-looking bathtub offers the Zen style to the given space.

At Newhomestone,every stone bath is made from a natural stone block. You can even choose it in your unique shape or size. You can choose the style as per the look and interior style of your bathroom. Contact us for more details about this bathtub or any other style you want. For more Customized Stone Tub, or Stone Japanese Soaking Tub please contact us by email.