Modern built-in seated japanese soaking tub

Custom design tan marble hand-carved japanese soaking bath tub

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Stone Japanese soaking tub

This built-in seat japanese soaking tub is design for "sit and soak" relaxation experience. The natural stone mateiral hold the water for longer and save more energy.

Looking for a unique way to add elegance into your otherwise dull-looking bathroom space? Would you like to enhance your space with a luxe spa-like bath experience within your home? This brown marble deep soaking tub is a perfect solution.

This modern Japanese soaking tub-style bath piece is made from premium quality tan marble. Hence, it is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Due to its smooth surface, it is easy to clean without much effort. It is also very easy to install this freestanding bathtub, as it is compatible with various tub fillers available in the market.

Natural stone soaker tub

You can mix and match this brown marble bathtub with different sorts of bathroom decors and styles. So, you will get that minimalist and modern appearance you are desiring without having to invest in pricey remodeling projects.

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