Outdoor freestanding stone bathtub with small statue fountain

Outdoor natural stone bathtub combine with small stone statue fountain

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Outdoor carving white marble bath

This white marble pedestal bathtub is perfect for outdoor use, either for a relaxing soak in the privacy of your porch, or as an ornamental display in your garden if you don’t plan on actually bathing in it. The Beijing marble tub displays a variety of carvings on its outer surface, the most central of all being its intricately symmetrical wreaths flanked by framing bracket trimmings, which repeats as a motif on each side of the tub, with its swirling floral relief near the bottom.

Outdoor bathtub with small statue fountain

But of course, by far the most noteworthy feature of this white marble set is its accompanying small statue fountain, an artful nude perched upon a similar stone pedestal, pouring its water source into the bath like in years past.