Traditional marble bathtub with lion head

Traditional rolled rim white marble bathtub hand-carved with lion head

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Floral carving stone bathtub

Sometimes the most inspiring artistic direction you can take is also the most tried-and-true traditional one. This classically designed stone bathtub is carved of creamy Beijing white marble, smooth and beige, with an evenly etched scaled motif along the side for a consistent visual aesthetic.

traditional white Marble bathtub with lion's head

The worthy lion’s head, always a symbol of power and leadership across so many cultures and mythologies, looms fierce with their head bowed with dignity above a nicely textured curtain banner sculpture carved right into the marble stone, draped above the foot of the stone tub. Such lions are lions also placed on the other three sides in a symmetrical display of the classic guardian animal character, and a traditional rolled rim is polished to a shiny smooth finish along the edge of the tub. For more Customized Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.