Modern design rectangular stone sink

River wave pattern natural stone vanity top

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Contemporary rectangular stone sink

With the naturally available striations of sandstone, this rectangular sandstone sink works with decor ranging from classical to contemporary. The contemporary stone rectangular sink design boasts a river wave pattern, making it a striking visual centerpiece for serene bathroom decor.

Plus, the simple stone construction of the rectangular sink makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Many homeowners make use of vanity vessel sink a visual counterpoint to your guests. It also offers a more dynamic ambiance to certain areas that take up extra space.

River wave pattern natural stone vanity top

Unlike the drop-in sinks that can be pricey and difficult to install, this sandstone sink needs only one small hole into the countertop for accommodating a faucet and drain hardware. The rest of the space can be utilized to store bathroom accessories. Hence, it is a practical everyday use sink for large bathroom areas.

For more information and custom design and size, consult Newhomestone artisans to offer the best sink design as per your requirements.