Ribbed surface bowl shape black granite sink

Zen style modern design ribbed surface granite bowl sink

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Ribbed surface bowl sink

This absolute black granite sink boasts a stunning ribbed design all over its exterior. It enables you to install it in any bathroom or living space that needs extravagance. The ribbed surface black granite sink gives a heritage handmade appearance to the available space. Plus, the bottom is entirely flat for easy installation on any vanity design.

Made by our artisans, this zen-style ribbed surface bowl is highly stain-resistant and thermal shock-resistant. It makes this sink highly durable and able to withstand changes in temperatures, such as cold water or boiling water. The sink is also chemical resistant. Hence, it is a hygienic sink than most products you find on the market.

ribbed surface granite bowl sink

Adding to its uniqueness and beauty, the fine rubbed composition is stronger and less brittle than ceramic. Due to this, it is highly durable against the daily impacts of washing up. The interior is black in honed finish, giving a subtle yet striking appearance to the contrasting exterior of the basin. Want it in a custom size to suit your bathroom? Contact us right now!