Modern black limestone sink

rectangular contemporary design limestone sink with matte surface

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Stone sink with matte surface

This rectangular modern black limestone sink boasts an organic design inspired by modern structures. Boasting a rectangular contemporary design, the limestone sink has a unique rim that provides it a streamlined finish.

This sink would be a great addition to any contemporary bathroom at an affordable price. The relatively flat profile of this sink can give any bathroom an instant modern makeover. It is designed to offer a sophisticated, nice-looking touch to any bathroom interior with its clean lines, polished finish, and dramatic aesthetics. Its matte surface instantly sheens when it comes in contact with water.

rectangular contemporary design limestone sink

Made from black limestone, the alight sloping lines and the flat shape of the sink create an atmosphere that feels soothing. The sink is the right choice if you want to make an impression in your bathroom with a sleek and attractive basin design.