Black stone vessel square sink

Custom size square shape black stone sink

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Contemporary black stone sink

This square black stone sink is made out of black limestone. Available in both polished and honed finish, the stone vessel sink is likely to give a unique touch to bathroom decor. The honed finish will give a muted aesthetic compared to the polished sink that appears dramatic and brightened when the surface comes in contact with water.

Hand-sculpted by our skilled artisans, this elegant sink is inspired by a vintage canoe. The streamlined structure of the sink gives it an aesthetic that works well in modern and contemporary spaces, like bathrooms where nature is the highlighting feature.

Custom size square shape black stone sink

For more dramatic visual appeal, this sink can also be added to an all-black bathroom interior. This stone sink appears attractive from any angle you view it. It is because of its gradual slope and variability in the stone that adds an interesting visual character.

We suggest you buy a drain matching the stone sink in a similar finish to the faucet. It will take the aesthetics to another level.