Granite bowl sink

Half chiseled half polished custom granite sink bowl shape

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Contemporary bowl sink granite

Looking for an extravagant bowl sink to transform the look of your modern bathroom? The absolute black granite bowl sink by Newhomestone is a perfect addition for stylish bathroom decor. Its slightly oval-shaped design brims with sophistication.

Its half-chiseled and half polished surface can change the spirit of a bath instantly after installation. The polished area with a chiseled silvery section gives extravagance to the granite bowl sink. Everything about this granite sink speaks to an uncompromising pledge to excellence.

Half chiseled half polished custom granite sink

Inspired by the characteristics of Mother Nature and the modern needs of lifestyle, this granite sink cannot be compared to everyday ceramic sinks. This is something that you need in an extraordinary bathroom that exudes opulence.

Hand-craved by Newhomestone artisans, this sink can be customized to meet the size requirements of your bathroom space. So, get in touch with our experts to order a perfect sink design for your powder room.