Unique Riverstone bathtub

Natural riverstone bath hand-carved from a whole stone block

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Riverstone irregular bathtub

A rich collage of multicolored deposits creates the naturally rugged stone exterior of this striking river rock bathtub. Made exclusively from natural river stone, collected from accumulating sediment over the course of thousands of years, this tub built in the Zen style has minimal interference from human hands, from the moment it was mined from the earth to the finished product that you order and receive.

Natural stone bathtub

The tub is carved straight from the natural river rock and connects the bather directly to nature and the earth from whence it came. The tub’s flat rim conveys the breadth of the thick stone, as well as provides a natural handgrip that indicates the sheer strength and integrity of the river rock material. For more Customized Rock Bathtub please contact us by email.