Pedestal freestanding beige marble bathtub

Classic design egyption beige marble bath tub

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Egyption beige marble

Egyptian beige marble, also known as golden cream marble, is one of the very popular materials to make stylish bathtubs. This particular marble bathtub has a light beige color that would appear stunning in any neutral interior.

It may appear to you like a wooden bathtub. But it’s not! While the marble is a soft natural stone, it is still very hard and durable to last up to hundreds of years with proper maintenance and care. This particular bathtub is a great choice for master bathrooms, as it will add instant charm to a minimalist interior. This particular marble is known for its great strength and magnificent appearance.

Classic stone tub design with pedestal

The beige marble bath looks stunning and exclusive, but it is quite budget-friendly than other bathtub options - provided you choose the right custom size. This pedestal and rolled rim marble bathtub with a subtle pattern make it an irresistible centerpiece for the modern bathroom.