Marble Japanese soaking tub

Custom design black marble japanese soaking bath tub

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Stone Japanese soaking tub

Sophisticated and elegant are the simple words to define this round Negro Marquina black marble bathtub. The specialty of this marble Japanese soaking tub is that it’s able to dress up any ambiance.

The twisted white veining pattern is emphasized on its black background, making it stand out from other marbles in similar hues. Nature has blessed this black marble material with random thicknesses and various veining effects. So, no two pieces are going to be the same.

Natural stone soaker tub

In terms of design bathroom, you could combine the black Negro Marquina bathtub with natural stones of different hues, particularly in the white marble bathroom interior. Usually, decorators and architects prefer the black and white combination for creating minimalist or modern atmospheres.

Another amazing quality of this particular marble material is its versatility. The reason for its affirmation is its capacity to adjust to varying natural aspects and project requirements. Hence, it’s a great bath piece for stylish bathroom makeovers.