Chiseled outside with polished inside round stone tub

Custom design natural stone hand-carved japanese soaking bath tub

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Stone Japanese soaking tub

This chiseled tan marble round bathtub has a very defined grainline on the exterior. Plus, the interior has a smooth surface. The stunning chiseled outside with polished inside round stone tub is handcrafted from tan marble stone. It is completely round with an elegant and bold shape. Plus, the vertical chiseled ring on the tub goes around this entire sink with a contrasting polished interior.

Natural stone soaker tub

To save time, we suggest checking the size of your bathroom space before ordering this piece. This bathtub is available in a customised option. So, be sure to measure the existing space and order accordingly. This way, you will get the perfect fit for your space without wasting time or the trouble of exchanging it.

The stone is quarried from some other part of the world, whereas it is handcrafted in our workshop. It is 100% hand-carved by talented artisans. So, you can trust the quality and craftsmanship.