White forest marble round bath tub

Custom design Forest white marble soaking bath tub

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Stone Japanese soaking tub

Handcrafted from a monolithic piece of white forest marble, this round bathtub is from Marblebee. Due to its round shape, it can be installed in a bathroom like a freestanding isle. The Forest white marble round bathtub is a designer piece that’s intended to add the class and feel of natural stones to any modern or traditional bathroom.

Natural stone soaker tub

The hand-sculpted bathroom is made from a natural block and turned into a marvelous piece. So, you have the chance for choosing its shape and size as per your bathroom. However, this round soaking tub is a perfect addition for a contemporary space that needs instant interior styling.

We pack the bathtub for shipping very carefully so that the product is not damaged during shipping. Even if there is an accident at the time of shipping, we assure a 100% money refund. Contact us for detailed information about your exquisite marble bathtub.