Unique Riverstone bathtub

Natural riverstone bath hand-carved from a whole stone block

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Riverstone irregular bathtub

A dazzling array of colorful sedimentary deposits, gathered in an ancient riverbed countless ages ago, resulted in the naturally rugged stone exterior of this striking river stone bathtub. The tub’s wide rim and flat upper edges convey the integrity of the thick stone. In addition, this rimmed design provides a natural handgrip that builds off of the sheer strength and integrity of the bathtub’s river stone.

Natural stone bathtub

The tub is carved directly from natural collected sedimentary rock and allows the bather to link directly to nature and the earth from where the stone was drawn. The raw river stone surface is a breathtaking accumulation of bright golden and brown colors, but inside is smoothly polished into a perfect silver surface. For more Customized Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.