Custom seated soaking marble japanese soaking tub

Unique shape seated soaking stone tub with head rest design

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Stone Japanese soaking tub

The luxury Masha white marble soaker tub is a perfect bathroom fixture for a relaxing experience. With this custom white marble soaker tub in a round shape, you can get the divine pool-like experience in the comfort of your home. The unique head-rest design and built-in sit design are all customizable! So if you have long legs, you won't worry about the bath is not fit.

The unique thing about this soaking bathtub is that it comes with an internal seat with a sinuous and comfortable ergonomic line. Hence, it fits perfectly into the human body. The craftsmanship of this bathtub feature reflects the way of modern living and lifestyle.

Natural stone soaker tub

With complete customization to customers on its dimensions and the choice of material,you can even see some of our bathtub creations that are made by our artisans and architects. You will instantly fall in love with its appearance and smooth design.

If we talk about this particular bathtub feature, this freestanding tub is ideal for a modern bathroom setting. Contact Marblebee for this exact bathtub or a customized version to meet your requirements. For more Customized Stone Japanese Soaking Tub please contact us by email.